Estate Planning

Four Levels of Estate Planning—the appropriate Level for your situation is best determined after consultation with us.  The most value is provided, not simply from the document preparation, but by the listening, advice and input from our 30 years of experience.

First Level

For a family or individual who determines that they can transfer assets best via a Will, or via beneficiary designations or “pay on death” designations.  They do not have a compelling reason to avoid probate.  At a minimum all parents of minor children should have a Will, since Georgia law states that the Will is the document in which a guardian is named.

This Level provides Wills, Advance Directives for Healthcare, Powers of Attorney, HIPAA Releases, and Personal Property Memoranda.

Second Level

For a family or individual who has the needs of the First Level and has determined that they would benefit from avoiding probate, and from the ease of oversight of their assets in the event of incapacity.

In addition to the documents in the First Level, there is a revocable Trust which will hold the assets of the client.  We provide advice and direction about the process of putting your assets into the name of your Trust.

Third Level

For a family or individual who wants the benefits of the Second Level, but does not desire to transfer his own assets into his Trust. We work to “fund” the trust with the assets as a service for the client.

All of the documents from the First and Second Level are prepared.  Additional documentation is prepared based upon the assets owned by the client, so that the client does not have to do the work to “fund” his own trust.

Fourth Level

For a family or individual who needs a higher level of planning in order to protect his estate from potential estate or income taxes. This level also can provide asset protection.

In addition to the documents from the First and Second Level, we may determine to prepare irrevocable trusts to hold life insurance policies, IRAs, or gifts of stock.